Trailer: Fatal Frame 5/ Project Zero takes full advantage of the Wii U GamePad

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News by Jedediah H. 

Scheduled for release in Japan on the 27th of September with, sadly, no European or American release confirmed, Fatal Frame 5/ Project Zero  looks to utilize the Wii U GamePad in the most intuitive fashion yet – as a real world camera that will surely inspire ample pant soiling. 

Fatal Frame 5: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden (translated title), the result of a partnership between Koei Tecmo and Nintendo, allows the player to wield the Wii U GamePad like a real world Camera Obscura, with you holding the camera up to the screen, investigating suspicious objects and scrambling to snap photos of the many ghosts that hover beyond your comfort zone. 

For those of you who have never played a Fatal Frame/ Project Zero game before, you who just watched the trailer with your shirts tied around your heads like confused makeshift warriors, saying, “Pssst, that doesn’t even look scary”: download the first two games, turn off the lights and your cell phones and your biases, and roam the dark virtual playground until you sneak upon your first ghost. If you haven’t metaphorically soiled your pants by now then, well, I’m so sorry for wasting your time. 

Please deliver this game upon us, Nintendo; the Wii U needs more love.  

-Jedediah H.
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