Altitude0: Lower & Faster touches down on Steam Early Access

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News by Chris I.

A few months ago we strapped into the cockpit and took flight in the duo indie team of Gugila’s Altitue0: Lower and Faster. Closing the hatch and lifting off in this aerial racing title in our preview found to be an addictive mix of simulation flight controls with an arcade twist, which showcases the plane’s (comical) soft body deformation damage engine as craft continue to fly onward after taking damage – keeping the action in constant motion.

The hangar doors have opened at Steam and pilots are already enlisting for service – filling the asymmetrical leader boards with their top times to challenge. Noticeable UI improvements have streamlined the in-game menu system, and animated gates on the tracks bring a new level of challenge and elevate the game’s wacky personality to greater heights.

Altitude0: Lower and Faster has an ETA of Spring 2015 (Autumn, for those in the southern hemisphere) for the full release. The game is mostly feature ready today and the developer has made it clear that it looks forward to suggestions and comments from the community to help polish the game to final release. Fans of the flight game genre need not think twice about signing up – there’s a 10 per cent discount for those who do between now and September 17.

There’s also a new trailer for your viewing pleasure:

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