Final Fantasy World Wide Words gets verbose on iOS and Android

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Here’s a little tidbit of news that might’ve gone under the radar this week, what with Tokyo Game Show hype and all: Square-Enix is transforming Cloud, Lightning, and company into the most reputable keyboard warriors to grace the web. Yep, in the wake of the upcoming Final Fantasy XV and Type 0 HD is this little mobile gem about typing.

By prodding away at the appropriate words in a timely manner, your party game defeat foes in combat. There are plenty of nods to the source material including the ability to level up, customise skills, and (wait for it) Chocobo mini-games.

It’s not actually as silly a concept as it might sound. There are more than a few games based around the mechanic on smartphones with varying levels of popularity. On the console end of the spectrum, the similarly popular Pokemon (Pokemon: Typing Adventure) and House of the Dead (The Typing of the Dead) both instantly spring to mind. One might say Final Fantasy is perfect for this type of game.

And given the relative success of both Theatrhythm games (that’s an understatement – they brought joyous, nostalgic tears to our eyes), you can bet we’re not overly upset about the reuse of that series’ general aesthetics.

The game launched on Android earlier this week and the iOS releasing will soon follow suit. There’s no word on whether or not this will actually escape the confines of Japan, but let’s pretend the titular “World Wide” means something deeper. So, please?

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