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Do you love getting punched in the face? I’m not speaking about a common bare-fisted punch that collides with your jawline at the speed of lame; I’m talking about a punch that’s accommodated by fire and electricity and a wave of androgyny that sends your teeth across the stage and your health bar into a disastrous low level of panic. If so, perhaps you should visit Arc System Works’, the champion of the Blazblue and P4 Arena franchises, new global website. 

Their new website,, is designed to centralize information regarding their catalogue of worldwide published titles as well as offer up to date gaming and event news that’s delivered in English across Europe, North America, and Japan (Yay!).

“This website is part of our new globalization effort,” said Minooru Kidooka, President of Arc System Works, “The worldwide passion for out titles has not gone unnoticed and we want to give English-speaking fans a hub to enjoy all things Arc System Works.” 

Any new avenue through which we can remain informed about some of the best fighting games in the cosmos is a plus in my fighting manual. Okay, let’s enter the site together, everyone: Stick out your chin like an overconfident heavyweight boxer, place your cursor over that link above, and – OUCH!

“Yeah, we just punched you all in the face. Deal with it. And welcome to the site.”

-Jedediah H.

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