Psychological horror game, Kidnapped, now on Steam Greenlight

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Planning to eventually have its first game, Kidnapped, available on as many platforms as possible, indie developer Deceptive Games has begun by making it available for appraisal via Steam Greenlight:

Deceptive Games are pleased to announce its first game “Kidnapped” starting with Windows desktop PCs is now on steam greenlight.

“As an indie developer, it’s important to get our game out to as many people as possible. Steam greenlight is an excellent way to achieve this.” said Gavin Powell, game director for Deceptive Games. “It also helps us receive vital feedback on how the game is shaping up from a player’s point of view. All feedback is welcome, be good or bad, it helps us improve the game and us as a developer.”

Cementing you into the presumably soiled boots of Sebastian Lee from Sterling City, Scotland, Kidnapped aims to solve the mystery of the winter of 1992, the year you vanished without so much as an inebriated picture message to form a case for your disappearance. 

With an emphasis on affecting narrative, exploration, puzzle-solving, and combat that aims to unnerve by dynamically changing the game world, you’ll traipse through a dilapidated manor; dark, damp caves; an eerie forest full of wildlife; and an old, majestic church. Over half of the objects in the game world can be interacted with, whether they’re being examined or used or flipped over for the heck of it, which should help you progress through a tale that will remain on your mind well into the (hopefully) frolicsome future.

If what you see pleases your urge for virtual panic and exploration, be sure to support the developers with your cherished vote.

 -Jedediah H.

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