Early Access Preview: Adventurezator: When Pigs Fly (PC)

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Preview by Nick H.

While Adventurezator: When Pigs Fly may be a mouthful of a title, the game itself is also more than a little filling. For starters, this is a creation game, not unlike RPG Maker VX Ace or FPS Creator. Video games often engage the imagination, and these types of programs give anyone, even people who have no coding skills, to make the game of their dreams.

In its early state, Adventurezator proves to be a quality tool for constructing adventure games, but also comes packaged with a charming game to play as a demo for what people can do with the game.

Adventurezator provides a great deal of flexibility. The ability to create actors, cutscenes, levels and more is actually quite easy to do, and the workshop should provide plenty of community sharing options as this software gains more adoption. This is primarily a drag-and-drop interface that should be accessible even if you have no experience with this kind of software. The editor does a good job of importing a variety of content. The default visuals have a very cartoon style to them, which is bright, colourful and easy enough on the eyes. Additionally, this software will not strain anyone’s computer hardware.

This is all a very good start, but I look forward to seeing what additional tools and assets get added to the mix over time. The potential to make a fun point-and-click adventure is there, but these maker games almost always leave me wanting more tools, more options, and greater capability to customise. The good news is that with Adventurezator still in early access, community feedback will no doubt lend itself to more features being implemented over time.

So the framework seems solid, and the idea to package the title with something to play that has been built in the engine was a good one. These sort of demonstrations are usually very helpful, because they might inspire you to try something you might not have otherwise thought of. When Pigs Fly is an adventure crafted completely by the editor. Instead of being a full game, it’s split into short levels that will give you an idea on how each of the various game features work. Some are less effective than others.

At this point Adventurezator is off to a good start. Those looking for a completed adventure game will find that When Pigs Fly is still very early along and is simply not there yet. As an editor the Adventurezator framework has a great deal of potential, but like any creation software it will eventually require an active community to share what they are working on in order for adoption to thrive. Hopefully that will prove to be the case here.

– Nick H.
US Editor

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