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You wouldn’t think that a trailer for a game about the grim reaper would have you in stitches from laughter. But that’s exactly what happened with this trailer for this upcoming puzzle game.

The basic idea of the game is to help nice Mr. Reaper do his job – that is, kill people who need to be killed. Not exactly a topic for hilarity… except nice Mr. Reaper enjoys his job so much that he goes about it with a certain… spring in his step. He likes a bit of a boogie while on the job, you could say.

That’s right. This fella dances his way around the game, and he’s got a pretty darned good groove on, we must say.

Had I simply seen this on the App store I doubt I would have bothered with it. Having seen the trailer I’m now going to pick it up the moment I see it go live. That’s an effective trailer for you.

Enjoy (I don’t see how you couldn’t):

Source: Pocket Tactics

– Matt S.
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