Stick it to the Man coming to Wii U

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Publisher, Ripstone, seems pretty happy with the Wii U. After releasing Knytt Underground onto the console, it’s got Pure Chess on the way soon, and it has just announced that its oddball adventure game, Stick it to the Man, is also on the way.

We reviewed Stick it to the Man a while back when it first released on the PlayStation 3. It’s a game with a great sense of humour and some fun puzzles. It’s got some talent behind it too, with the mind behind Adventure Time writing the script. The end result is perhaps not the most stand-out memorable game ever made, but good fun nonetheless.

Ripstone is promising us that this won’t be a lazy port, and will take full advantage of the Wii U’s gamepad to make the central gimmick of the game, the ability for the hero to read minds, even more entertaining.

The game’s due for release in Spring (Autumn for those of us south of the equator).

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