Pokemon Bank is available in Australia/ Europe… and is much more interesting than real banks

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News by Matt S.

Good news Pokemon fans! The long-awaited Pokemon Bank is finally available in Australia and New Zealand, and throughout Europe (sorry, not sure about America – perhaps a reader can let us know in the comments?)

For those that aren’t yet aware of it, the Pokemon Bank is a paid-subscription service with a nominal annual fee that allows you to store thousands of Pokemon from recent Pokemon games (including the previous two titles; X and Y, and Black 2 and White 2) in the Cloud to then access from later games or to transfer from one game to the next.

For people that are Pokemon addicts, this is going to be an essential service for storing their ‘mons well beyond the relatively limited storage space of the games themselves.

People who download the app now get a free trial, so they’re able to decide whether to keep paying for the service.

So jump to it, Pokemon fans!

– Matt S. 
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