The sexiest bikinis yet in Dead or Alive 5 are landing soon

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Way back when we interviewed Yosuke Hayashi, the director of Team Ninja’s titles including Dead or Alive 5, we asked him if there was ever a chance of a new Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball title.

He didn’t think there would be much of a demand for it, but perhaps the fans of that series don’t need it anyway; Team Ninja has a range of sexy swimsuit DLC for its recent Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate on the way that is pretty much what you’d expect to see in the DoA Beach Volleyball games anyway.

We’re not sure that these costumes actually count as swimwear since we can’t imagine ever seeing these swimsuits on a real beach, but regardless, we suspect these DLC costumes will go down great with the Dead or Alive fan base.

There’s a trailer below… enjoy!

– Matt S.
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