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Unity PlayStation VitaNews by Matt S.

As if the PlayStation Vita wasn’t already the “go to” handheld console for independent game developers. The console which features Knytt Underground, Thomas Was Alone, Sunflowers, Proteus, and plenty more, just got another big boost to its attractiveness to indie development; Unity has now partnered with Sony to roll out the indie development platform to the console.

Under this partnership developers will be able to take advantage of a number of the Vita’s unique features, including motion sensors, front and rear cameras, dual analog sticks, and read touch pad.

And developers will also be able to take advantage of the little bonus features on the Vita, including trophies and the friends list on a player’s PSN account.

Anything that makes it even easier for indies to port their games to the Vita platform can only be a good thing for the console. Hopefully we see even more of the best Unity iOS and PC games make their way to Sony’s little handheld that could.

– Matt S.
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