Kickstarter update: Image & Form has signed up to be interviewed!

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Hi everyone,

Through the course of the Kickstarter I’ll be leaving writing regular updates on new developers that have come on board to be interviewed, and so forth.

Today we’ve got an exciting announcement of a new developer who has agreed to participate in the interviews. Like Steampunk? Like digging? Chances are, then, that you’ve played the excellent SteamWorld Dig!

If The Interactive Canvas is successfully Kickstarted, we will have an in depth discussion with the mind behind SteamWorld Dig, Brjann Sigurgeirsson, about what inspired this project, and why he loves Steampunk. We’ll chat about how he worked to make sure that players had a strong attachment to the little robot hero, despite the game offering a very minimal conventional narrative, and how he created an action that’s as simple and repetitive (and hard work!) as digging, and built it into a game you simply can’t put down.

We’ll also be featuring plenty of art work in the interview… after all, SteamWorld Dig is one gorgeous game.

So, if you’re a fan of SteamWorld Dig, here’s a unique opportunity to find our stuff about the game that you never knew before.

We’ve got more great developers to be announced! Please pledge to the Kickstarter, and help us produce the definitive games as art book!

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