Trailer: XCOM: Enemy Within gameplay walkthrough

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I suspect that just about all of Digitally Downloaded’s readers are looking for XCOM: Enemy Within. After a rather decent effort at changing up the tactical gameplay of the series for some shooter action in The Bureau, it is downright refreshing to know that 2K Games understands that people want more turn-based strategising.

In this latest trailer, 2K Games lead designer, Ananda Gupta, walks players through some of the the new weapons, abilities and maps that players will fight over in this massive expansion. And when we say “massive,” we really do mean massive. This piece of DLC is so large that 2K games can’t release it as DLC on the consoles (PS3 or Xbox 360). We assume that means the rather excellent iPad version is going to miss out as well.

Still, for PC gamers “more, bigger and better” should be more than enough to sell you on the game.

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