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If there was one thing that managed to disappoint people about Sony’s press conference yesterday, it was the lack of support for the Vita on stage.

It’s unfortunate that Sony didn’t commit more time to the handheld because there is actually some great games coming to it this year. Unfortunately you needed to head into the show floor to find them.

So I’m going to do my bit to promote the Vita where Sony wouldn’t and post up a trailer to Atelier Meruru Plus. The third in GUST’s utterly brilliant Atelier series of games, Meruru is the finest game in the entire series. It’s fun, it’s charming, it’s so very happy you’ll feel like you’re lost in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

That will mean that two of the finest JRPGs this gen are available on the PSVita, complete with all the DLC from the PS3 version, and extra swimsuit costumes and such just to make the fans happy.

But seriously, these games are not Otaku. Anyone can fall in love with Meruru, and the fact it’s coming to Vita is proof that there is much more to this console than what we saw in Sony’s limited presentation.

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