RPG Maker 3 – a surprise coming to PSN this week

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Well this was a cool but unexpected announcement – the PS2 Classic RPG Maker 3 is going to release on the North American PSN this week.

For those unfamiliar with the software, you can create old school RPG games using a toolkit that allows you craft stories and drop in heroes and enemies as you see fit. Matt had an excellent writeup on RPG Maker VX Ace that released last year, if you are curious about what the series offers in general. Obviously this one is several years older than RPG Maker VX Axe. I never actually got to play this version in the past, so I am curious about a comparison to how the series has changed and also if the console comes with other restrictions (like an inability to change the code base or limited/inability to share your creations with others).

The console versions of the software have always been a good deal more limited than the PC versions, but still offer those with a creative streak something to experiment with. I am personally a huge fan of creation software and games that have creation tools in them (you can read my thoughts on the matter here), and am pretty excited to see this coming out. It would be great to see more releases like this in the near future – maybe even on the next gen consoles.

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