Trailer: Cognition ep.2 talks monkeys and murder

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Part two of the four part adventure title from Phoenix Online Studios and Jane Jensen, Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller – The Wise Monkey is available now on the PC.

The second episode follows FBI agent Erica Reed as she gets ever closer to finding the man who murdered her brother. But things aren’t going to be easy, as Erica finds out when a deranged serial killer nabs her colleague (and sometimes boyfriend) Sully…

“The first episode of Cognition was all about setting the stage for Erica’s story: introducing her abilities, experiencing the loss of her brother, and establishing the problems plaguing the FBI’s Boston bureau. As people who played it already know, that episode ended with a crazy twist. There’s no turning back now,” says Katie Hallahan, who designed and directed The Wise Monkey. “Now another person Erica loves is in grave danger, and she’s at her breaking point — another loss could be one too many. And the things she has to go through to save Sully from the Wise Monkey… let’s just say it’s intense.”

The Wise Monkey is available now (here) with the remaining two episodes The Oracle and The Cain Killer coming before the year is out. Cognition will be available on the iPad soon too, although there’s no release date as of yet for that.

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