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2 Dawn Games post apocalyptic multiplayer shooter just got another dose of free DLC. Ever want to drive a giant dump truck into battle?

Gargantuan construction vehicles aside, this is a pretty great deal if you’re a fan of the FPS. Not only do you get said earth-mover in the package, but you’ll also be on the receiving end of new weapons, modes and more.

The second Ravaged DLC Pack includes: 

  • Two New Game Modes: Team Deathmatch and Highjack Mode
  • Team Deathmatch: Team Deathmatch enables 32 players to join teams of up to 16 with no resources to battle in the classic winner-take-all format gamers have loved for years.
  • Highjack Mode: Hijack Mode offers players the chance to fight for control over the all-powerful Dump Truck, a massive mobile fortress.
  • One New Vehicle: Available only in Highjack Mode, the Dump Truck becomes the ultimate power target, pitting players against each other as they scramble to control the monster power vehicle.
  • Two New Weapons: The Chainsaw and Flamethrower
  • The Chainsaw: Definitively rip enemies apart in close-quarter combat with the newly implemented chainsaw.
  • The Flamethrower: Players blanket the immediate area with powerful flames, enabling them to decimate multiple enemies in their path
  • Improved XP: Ravaged now displays accumulative Experience Points when they are awarded.
  • Reduced Ammo: Reduced access to ammunition encourages players to scavenge for weapons and ammo to stay alive.

A chainsaw huh? Wonder if you can mount it on your wrist… In any event, the beefy 2nd DLC pack for Ravaged is 100% free of charge, which is very nice for current players of the game. But that’s not all!

Now that’s a truck.

You say you don’t have Ravaged? Well has 2 Dawn and publisher Reverb got a deal for you. If you buy in to the game now for $9.99 USD, you’ll not only get the base game and this pack, but you’ll also get the first DLC (the Apocalypse Pack) thrown in for good measure. That’s a lot of DLC for the online shooter, and it’s all free of charge. Not too shabby.

We reviewed Ravaged a while back and thought it came through on the promise of its Kickstarter campaign with some great vehicular action. You can have a peep at the V8 Ninja’s take on the game here.

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