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Rage of Bahamut still has a ton of players and part of the reason is Mobage has kept the events coming. There are some people who feel that these temporary events are too common, but overall the reception has been positive. With the latest Holy Wars in the books, yesterday saw the release of the new Not-So-Silent Night holiday event.

This event runs ntil the evening of January 6th, 2013. What does it entail? Well it uses the game’s base mechanics of fighting creatures at a cost of stamina while you uncover ‘boss events’ and try to gather as many presents as possible. There are opportunities aplenty for cards, gold and items – all of which help you build up your decks in this CCG style game that has both single player story elements and player vs player components.

If you are a veteran to Rage of Bahamut but missed this announcement – best to make use of it while you can. If you are someone who has been considering playing but has not yet this is a great opportunity for a fast start. If you plan to play and have not yet created an account, go ahead and plug in my referral code – it will help you ease into the game as well.


Happy holidays and keep an eye out for old ‘Santayclops’

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