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So it’s the end of the year, and this is the last “weekly discussion” until the New Year. Rather than just run over the weekend though, we’re encouraging everyone to jump in throughout the festive season and let us know whenever you’re around with updates on what games you’re playing, what you scored from Santa, and, frankly anything else you’d like to chat about regarding Christmas.

Stay safe everyone, keep the discussion going. We love to hear from you. Have a wonderful time!

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  • Just finished Dishonored, might do another run, though. What a great game!
    Other than that, I still have some chaos to cause in Just Cause 2. Or should I finally take the plunge and install Dark Souls? Hmm.

  • Yeah I bought the trilogy for the PS3 when it released. It's great so far. And yes I hear ME2 is better, I should hurry up and finish the first game so I can get onto the second 😛

  • Probably some Madden 13 with one of my old college buddies. I've been trying to log some time with Halo Anniversary as well. Also? I just picked up Guild Wars 2, so I'm trying to make use of their Winter festival while learning my way around the game a bit.

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