Video Review: Wicked Monsters Blast HD (PS3)

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Coming to us from a small Thai developer outlet, Wicked Monsters Blast is, well, a blast.

This is a game that the kids in the house will get right into – especially if they have access to the PlayStation Move peripheral.

And, for those older folks, if you’re into shooting galleries, then this one is perhaps just challenging enough to be worth a look-in as well.

Enjoy the review!

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  • We don't have the Move, but knowing that Bean 1 enjoyed the Rabbids rail shooting mini-games, I imagine he could pick up on this pretty well. Was this a WiiWare title, or a retail release? Might have to look it up on the Shop Channel.

  • It's a retail game – same name (Wicked Monsters Blast). I imagine it got dropped into the "shovelware" section of the local game shops pretty quickly, but I'd recommend picking it up for Bean 1 if you ever see it for cheap.

    It's not genre-defining, but it's well made and charming. I can't imagine being in SD would affect the quality of this game in any way.

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