Van Helsing gets its new Van Helsing

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NeocoreGames has unveiled that the Mysterious Stranger has won the fans choice vote to be the revamped title character for The Incredible Adventure of Van Helsing.

Sporting a look similar to the classic comic book hero ‘The Shadow’, the Mysterious Stranger will be taking the place of former, way more noobish Van Helsing that the developer originally envisioned.

Meet Van Helsing, the man with many talents – granted that you need someone specifically trained to hunt down monsters. This mysterious stranger will save you in a heartbeat from the various creatures of the night, leaving with only a snappy one-liner. He is the son of the legendary monster hunter Abraham Van Helsing, and although he might be young, he is far from inexperienced. But fate has different plans for him than for his father. To defeat the new threat, he has to side with the ancient monsters of Borgovia and reconsider everything he learned to believe…

Shortly afte the voting was done and a winner chosen, lead artist Aniko Salamon took to the digital page and created a ‘sketch’ of the character. Yep, that’s just a rough sketch you see posted above. Impressive? Oh yeah.

Take a look and watch as the new monster hunter takes shape-

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing is due for release some time in 2013. If you’d like to see more about why the character design change took place and get a peek at some of what went on behind the scenes, click here and head on over to the NeocoreGames dev page for the full scoop.

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