Tales of Hearts R – Screenshots, Art & Info

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Bandai Namco will be releasing the PlayStation Vita remake of Tales of Hearts (previously released for the Nintendo DS) in Japan in spring of 2013.  This RPG will receive some new scenes and content including a new playable character.

Here we have a series of screenshots, as well as some art.

And now, the character art:

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  • Looks good. Fingers crossed this actually gets released in Australia this time (we miss a lot of Tales games here), because my Vita could use a good JRPG.

    Then again, Atelier Totori is coming, so this game has some very stiff competition.

  • One thing I'm really curious about, is if the Vita will become a haven to good RPG and strategy titles the way the PSP did. I'm very hopeful on that front seeing as my PSP still gets played now and then simply because I get good RPG on the go.

  • It really depends on whether the Vita takes off in Japan. If it does, then absolutely the RPG developers will flock to it. If not, then I don't think we'll see a repeat of the PSP, sadly.

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