The Walking Dead season finale coming next week

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Telltale Games amazing adaptation of comic and TV property The Walking Dead is about to see it’s first season come to a close. Hold onto your hats.

I like quite a bit of what Telltale puts out; Jurassic Park, Back to the Future… but The Walking Dead is just on another level. Everything from the writing and pacing to the look just oozes quality and care.

Telltale’s reinvention of the ‘adventure game’ genre is an absolutely fantastic experience and quite possibly a serious contender for game of the year- make no mistake about it.

Episode 5 will be hitting next week and with its release the first season will come to a close. Remember that your choices matter in TWD and what you do in one episode carries over to the following ones to directly affect the story. So if you haven’t played through the last one or have some catching up to do before ep5 shambles onto download services next week, well you might want to get going on that now.

Look for episode 5- No Time Left to hit the US PSN on Tuesday the 20th (21st in Europe) and Xbox Live, PC, Mac and iOS (via in-app purchase) on Wednesday the 21st. Yes iOS players, you read that right- you actually get to play right along with everybody else for once. And there was much rejoicing.

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