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Monday, November 19, 2012

The Old Republic now free to play, gets 1.5 update

EA and Bioware's Star Wars MMO The Old Republic now officially has a free to play option- and one deadly assassin droid.

It's kind of surprising (for me anyway), but the F2P option is a pretty complete play experience. I was expecting something that was extremely limiting, which definitely isn't the case as you'll be able to play through the complete storylines for all 8 of the game's classic Star Wars classes- all the way up to level 50. 

“We want to give our players the freedom to enjoy Star Wars: The Old Republic when and how they want,” said Matthew Bromberg, General Manager of BioWare Austin. “There has never been a better time to start playing with us.”
And in addition to that news, Bioware has also released game update 1.5 for public consumption. The latest add-on for the online action/RPG includes a bunch of upgrades including a certain assassin droid who's just itching to fight at your side.
  • Get ready for an action-packed adventure to earn control of one of the galaxy’s most deadly Assassins, HK-51. Submerged beneath the icy surface of Belsavis lies a derelict ship and if you are brave enough to venture through the wreckage, you will embark on a mission that ultimately rewards you with a powerful new, yet familiar, ally: the ruthless Assassin Droid, HK-51.
  • Explore Section X, a previously untouched area of the prison world of Belsavis. The Dread Masters’ servants are searching for a powerful and ancient weapon. Fly to Section X and secure the target of their search to be richly rewarded.
  • Travel to Denova to take on Operation: Explosive Conflict – now with a Nightmare Mode! Teams who complete in this new mode can earn the final pieces of the Dread Guard gear set and a brand new mount that will be sure to cause tank envy!

The Old Republic now free to play, gets 1.5 update
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