Square Enix says premium priced mobile games will be fine

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Forget the free-2-play model that many publishers/developers are championing in the mobile space says Square Enix, premium priced games are the way to go.

In an interview with industry e-mag MCV, the publisher said that it has had a great deal of success with the premium priced titles in it’s catalog. The company’s mobile general manager Anthony Douglas basically said that single, higher priced, premium games have so far shown to return a higher profit than something that is free to play, but calls for ‘in App’ purchases. 
Citing the episodic iOS title Final Fantasy Dimensions (which adds up to about 20EUR all in all) in particular, Douglas said:

“If you’re playing a lengthy £20 RPG title, there will be an audience for that. Some people won’t go for it but those people could spend £30 on resource management games. We’re looking into it to see how people respond.
“We can’t show too much in the way of figures but it hasn’t had the negative sales response that some people would think.”

Honestly, I couldn’t agree more. I have a strong dislike for the f2p model of gaming on any platform as I think it hinders the player and prevents him/her from getting ‘into’ the game. I don’t want to worry about spending real world money on in game items and elements in order to proceed- keeping some tally in my head of how much I’ve dumped into said game.

I’d much rather just plunk down my $10/15/20/whatever, be done with it, and actually have some fun with a finished product… DLC aside because, quite frankly that’s a whole ‘nother argument.

Source: MCV

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  • I've got a whole lot of respect for Square Enix's approach to the iOS market. It knows its games aren't worth $0.99 or $2.99 and it's sticking to its guns and not participating in the race to the bottom.

    Good to see it's being rewarded, too.

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