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I don’t know how great an idea it is to take to Twitter and trash your former workplace, but Hisashi Suzuki thought it was just fine.

A little history: Square Enix just posted that its taken a pretty big loss this past year financially. So big in fact, that even moving one and a half million copies of hit open world shooter Sleeping Dogs didn’t even help the situation all that much.

So with that, the former head of Square Co. (Suzuki, who’s currently with Sega) thought a little salt in the wound might be just what the doctor ordered… at least for him. Suzuki lashed out over Twitter calling the merger between Square and Enix a “complete failure” and citing the fact that Square Enix stock isn’t really worth all that much more than Square stock was when it was all by its lonesome. He then went further, saying that the company has “no vision for the future.”

Source: Kotaku

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  • Yeah, this strikes me as one of those old "dissatisfied former employee" deals. If the merger with Enix was a problem, we all would have seen real signs of it (not just one dude's opinion) years ago.

  • Wouldn't Squaresoft have died if they would not have merged with Enix? I thought that was the case. Let's do research at the library! πŸ˜€ … >_>

  • Well, I don't know the details, but I always thought the two merged because it was a good idea πŸ˜› Big companies tend to do it for that reason, though there a are a few different "good ideas" motivators – extra resources, because one is dying, because the are culturally similar etc etc.

    Point is, it doesn't matter why, if it was a bad thing it would have blow up well before now. This dude's Donald Trump Twitter moment is way late πŸ˜›

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