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And I mean ‘smoking hot’ as in, on fire. Literally.

Not a full game, Quadriga Games’ Emergency 2013 is actually an expansion pack for the 2012 rescue title. Basically that means you’ll need Emergency 2012 to play.

Fortunately, if you want to dive into some search and rescue, 2013 will be available in two flavors when it kicks down the doors of PC gaming download services. A standalone $9.99 (USD) edition will be available if you already have Emergency 2012 and a combo pack that contains both the original and the expansion will also be out for $29.99 if you don’t.

Emergency 2013 is a pretty unique strategy title that features saving folks instead of shooting them. The game has Europe in a state of disaster and actually looks really sharp. It’s available for your downloading pleasure starting tomorrow.

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