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With ten years of Battlefield and two million Battlefield Premium memberships in the bag, DICE is celebrating by giving away the original Battlefield 1942 (on PC) for free.

It’s kind of hard to believe Battlefield, as a brand, is ten years old already. But that it is and developer DICE and publisher EA have to be pleased with its track record. The Battlefield Premium subscription service is particularly impressive as it now boasts over 2 million members- and it only debuted in June of this year. That’s pretty fantastic, to say the least.

“Today, we’re equally as proud with the success of Battlefield 3 Premium. This has been an ambitious way to give our fans fresh, high-quality content at a great value. This achievement is helping us define the new standard by which all other shooters deliver content and exclusive bonuses to their player communities,” added Troedsson.

Battlefield 3, the latest game in the long running series, has the distinction of also being the fastest selling title in EA’s stable. Since it launched last year, the game has sold a massive 17 million copies. Timed expansions, of course, are a decent sized part of why B3 keeps on selling copies and the newest of those Aftermath is on the way in short order.

The pack will be out for Premium subscribers on November 27th and for everybody else on December 11th. One thing that’s available right now for everybody though is that free copy of Battlefield 1942. Downloadable right from Origin (here), you can nab the game right this second for nuttin’ and see where the series began.

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