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Scare a little more life out of the fall down and get soaked virtual obstacle course that is Wipeout with a spooktacular Halloween themed update.

The update (which is free) includes a pair of new ‘shows’ designed with both alien and Halloween themes. Outfits and costumes are also included to fit the new sets and you can even choose to play as ET. Are aliens falling down just as funny as Terrans? I’m pretty sure the answer to that one is a resounding “yes.”

Also included in this new DLC package, are new challenges, achievements, daily gifts, and the ability to gift Wipeout to friends right from the App. We reviewed Wipeout a little while back (right here) and thought it was a fun time on the iPad, and with the added free update, now there’s even more reason to pick it up for yourself.

Wipeout is available now for $1.99 USD and is a universal App, you can grab it here.

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