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Well this is a nice change of pace. With only two days left on the campaign, prospective backers who sign onto Pro Pinball’s Kickstarter will get rewarded no matter the end result.

Silverball Studios turned to the popular crowd funding format to try and revive the Pro Pinball series and, Kickstart success or no, they mean to move forward with the game.

“When we launched this campaign about a month ago we had 0 backers. We now have over 1000 backers whom on average have pledged a category beating $113 each! Thank you, each and every one of you! Regardless of the outcome of this Kickstarter we are determined to bring Pro Pinball back. If we don´t hit the target it will take us longer to do than we would´ve liked and have a few less bells and whistles. But the bottom line is over 1000 of you want more Pro Pinball and so do we!” Said Adrian Barritt, CEO of Silverball Studios.

So it’ll take a little longer to get to market, but because there were so many fans looking to get in on a new Pro Pinball, it will be heading towards development. Normally, that’d mean little to backers (presuming the project didn’t go through because of Kickstarter) but that’s not the case here. 

Since Silverball is going to go ahead and make the game regardless, they’re going to go ahead with their promised rewards for backers too. And that means a lot of goodies for steelball fans-

In the event the campaign is unsuccessful through Kickstarter and the Pro Pinball series is still Revived or Remastered, the studio will still honour ALL the following rewards in the tiers for those who have backed it so far:

  • Wall Papers
  • Thanks on the Webpage
  • Digital Manuals
  • Digital Soundtracks
  • Insignias
  • VIP Forum Access
  • Glass Off Mode
  • Beta Access
  • Thanks in the Games
  • Custom Dot-Matrix Sequences
  • Initials in High Score tables
  • Special thanks on the Playfields

This unparalleled move by the studio will be the first time a Kickstarter project has offered so many of the rewards to backers, regardless of success. The studio hope that move will demonstrate the gratitude it has for the current backers and also to boost pledges as people really do have everything to gain; if the project is successful backers will get all the rewards in their chosen tier and the project will come to life – making 5 new games, if it is not then they still get many of the rewards for FREE.

Now, what this does not mean is that you don’t have to jump on Kickstarter and pledge some cash if you want the extras. Remember this offer is for backers only. Even if the Kickstart is unsuccessful, those who backed the game while it was still posted on the service will be in for the game goods (so long as the game actually gets made through some means of course- which is the intention).

Provided Pro Pinball does make it through (or Silverball goes ahead and makes it anyway) players will be able to download it for not just the PC, but also Mac, iOS, Android, PSN, and XBLA. 

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