Photo Gallery: Cosplay at EB World Expo

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Always good to see Pokemon around. Gotta catch ’em all (on film)

One of the big features from this year’s EB World Expo was the cosplay. There were plenty of cosplay competitions, and plenty of cosplayers.

So what better way to start our photo galleries of the event than with some photos of cosplayers in competition, and around the show itself.

At a gaming convention, cosplayers do add a great deal of atmosphere of fun to the event. And, it must be said, some of these cosplays are just incredible, with a mammoth amount of work that clearly went into them.

It’s great to see people take their hobby so seriously, so a big ‘thank you’ to the cosplayers for helping to make a great event even more wonderful.

Enjoy the gallery below. If you happen to see yourself here, be sure to drop us a line to say hello! We’d love to hear from you.

sexy assassin assassin's creed cosplay
Quite possibly the sexiest assassin I ever did see

Not quite sure who this is, and I’m sure I’ll be flamed in the comments for it šŸ˜‰

See, only in a cosplay competition could you interview a black mage. 

As said, some costumes were freaking incredibile

Aussie Vader could take Darth down with enough time left for a vegemite sandwitch
It was a hot day. So black face paint was pretty brave, really

The hat adds class, but it’s hidden by the hair

You know, I’ve just realised why Mortal Kombat has so many characters

Unfortunately, this is the closest we got to a cosplaying Chocobo šŸ™

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  • Heyyy thanks for featuring my Black Mage costume and my little chocobo on your page; I intended to stay in character (not talking during questions) but felt it was needed haha. Was linked to this by a friend on Facebook šŸ™‚ Oh and I did win the Judges Special Choice Award by the end of that day !

    Just dropping by my cosplay page for future reference ^^

  • Hey Martin!

    Thanks for dropping by, and congratulations on your win – Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon is one of my favourite games of all time!

    Hope you enjoyed the EB World Expo – it was awesome!

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