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NeoCore has set up a new DevBlog to reveal some of the secrets behind their brand new take on the classic monster hunter, Van Helsing.

The blog will be updated regularly to reveal screenshots, artwork, videos and more about the developer’s new game between now and the launch of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing. There’s also a countdown clock on the site that’s leading in to something.

While the studio’s keeping mum on what the big secret is, they have released some teases and hints in the form of a mystical form of communication known only as… a press release:

“The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing is an action-RPG focusing on the trials of Van Helsing, son of the legendary monster hunter. Set in a universe that closely resembles a 19th-century Eastern Europe where monsters, magic and weird technology is real, a strange twist of fate brings our hero to the aid of the ancient monsters who need someone to save them from the impossible creatures of a mad scientist.
This is how young Van Helsing was born. We were so excited when we saw him for the first time on the screen: he was walking the fog-bound streets of Borgova confidently, ready to fight the scientific nightmares.
But we were suddenly seized by doubts. We had a sneaking suspicion that he might be a bit too young and too inexperienced. Was this young man ready to face the trials in Borgovia? We honestly couldn’t tell.
Doubt was followed by guilt. Did we really want to trust the fate of a whole fictional world to this young man? Thousands of innocent, made-up creatures could die if we chose the wrong hunter, the beautifully gothic metropolis of Borgova could burn to ashes, and we were not ready to take this responsibility.
Fortunately we have a wonderful community, and here, at NeocoreGames we are trying our best to keep an eye on the feedback from our fans, and when we realized that they seem to share our doubts, it was only a matter of time to act accordingly.

With the launch of our brand new developer blog, we are ready to present the perfect platform to show the community how we are planning to carry out the necessary adjustments and include them in the process.
Stay tuned and join us on the new site, where the clock is ticking: the countdown has begun!”

So take a peek and see what you can figure out on the site right here. At the very least, you’ll be able to check out some of the cool stuff associated with this very interesting little action/RPG.

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