Guilty Gear strikes the Xbox update

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Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus hits XBLA this week along with some launch DLC for Forza Horizon and a great sale on Bioshock downloadables.

I’ve never been a big fan of the Guilty Gear series of one-on-one fighters, always been more of a Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat guy myself. GG just comes off as way too goofy and over the top (which is saying something coming from a Mortal Kombat fan) for my tastes.

Still though, the game has loads of fans who have made it a relative hit on consoles from PSOne to Xbox. Now the oddball fighter comes back to the Xbox 360 in the form of Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus. Now that’s a mouthful.

Forza fans have a little launch DLC to rev their engines to as well and, if you skipped any Bioshock add-ons, now’s your time to get on that. Pretty much all the major stuff is discounted this week, even the full games.




  • Dark Creatures Update
  • WWE13 Update

Deals of the Week (all Bioshock all the time)  

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  • Guilty Gear's description disappoints me. >:( All hail the king of all fighting games, peasants! May all ye noobs be crushed under the weight of its enormous levels of complexity, your thumbs ache as ye try to mash your way to victory, only to be insta-killed 30 seconds into the match by anybody halfway decent. And may all ye masters be humbled by your greatest of all time.

  • I never "got" Guilty Gear, lol. That's like the most foreign game I could possibly imagine right now.

    And yes I realise there's a certain irony in finding Mugen Souls' appeal totally understandable, but Guilty Gear being a different language 😛

  • I'm surpised you like Blazblue, actually. Not only does it have less of a cohesive theme and characters, but it actually requires less skill to get into than Guilty Gear, despite being less complex all around. It's much harder to button-mash your way through fights, and you actually have to have a grasp of the systems to get into it – I don't even have the manuals for any of Guilty Gear XX games, and therefore know none of the systems, yet I still do just fine with a lot of the characters.

  • It's mostly that the characters of BlazBlue amuse me, I think. I'm still only able to play the game on the mid range difficulty level, and I doubt I will ever play it on hard, but I do love the art style, the plot and the characters.

    As an actual fighting game Dead or Alive is closer to the way I like to play.

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