The undead are back in Trains vs Zombies 2

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Railsimulator has the followup to its Halloween surprise from last year all set and pulled into the Steam station. Mind the gap… and the undead.

As far as special Halloween-themed games go, seeing zombies in Train Simulator last year has to rank right up at the top in the ‘what the?!?’ file. Atypical might be putting it mildly, but the crossover was actually a lot of fun.

Now the undead have risen again in New York City (where else?) and are taking over the streets. Where are innocent survivors to turn? Why, the rails of course.

New York City has been overrun by toxic slime, turning normal humans into mindless zombie-like creatures, and it’s your job to rescue passengers from the Halloween nightmare that is taking over the Big Apple. With everything not quite as it seems, be careful who you let on your train as anyone caught in the zombie’s slime is instantly turned into a ghastly ghoul. Abandoned trains block your escape route and the zombies are causing havoc ahead of you, but a few broken rails shouldn’t stop you ridding the City of the green monsters-or will they? As night falls, the zombies become more devilish and help is needed to restore calm to the City. As you find ways to rid the city of the evil zombies, there are still plenty of surprises in store before reaching the safety of Penn Station. Are you ready to save the world one platform at time?

Trains vs Zombies 2 is actually a standalone game, which means that you don’t need a copy of Train Simulator 2013 to play. The five levels of play feature a lot of realism for a game about zombies too, as you’ll be driving a very accurate train and taking to the rails on a realistic depiction of the ‘northeast route’.

Save some passengers and don’t let any zeds through the doors, Trains vs Zombies 2 is available now on Steam for $8.99 USD.

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