The weekly discussion: Japanese games!

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In honour of Tokyo Game Show we’re going to focus this week’s weekly discussion on games that come from the spiritual homeland of games, Japan.

Much has been said about how the Japanese games industry is struggling (yeah, right), but one thing is certain, there are still a lot of fans of Japanese games out there. 
So what are some of your favourite Japanese games and game developers? What did you think of Tokyo Game Show this year? Let us know, and have a great weekend of gaming!

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  • It was a good TGS for me – a new Hyperdimension Neptunia game will do that.

    As everyone knows, I love Japanese games – especially JRPGs. GUST (the folks behind the Atelier games) is my favourite developer at the moment, which is appropriate that Tecmo Koei (the Warriors games) acquired it, as TK is my favourite publisher.

    At the moment I'm playing Tales of XXXXX (whatever it is) f, which is a reasonable game. The series doesn't resonate with me quite as well as its fans though.

  • Japanese games are awesome! Especially the DS games that didn't get released elsewhere. I mean, they show lots of, um… and they let you finger… er… 🙂

    Retro Game Challenge 2 (DS) is absolutely awesome and one that I really wish would've released outside of Japan.

  • I'm not too big into current Eastern flavored games, but the classics still hold up for me big time. When I look back on it, pretty much everything I played when I was a kid was from a Japanese developer/publisher.

    And if Nintendo keeps making Mario titles, I'll keep buying them.

  • Yeah, I actually got my hands on Retro Game Challenge 2, I loved the first one so. Unfortunately, a complete lack of understanding Japanese has proved to be kind of a barrier. 😛

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