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Hey, you got Cthulhu (or a reasonable facsimile) in my Star Wars!

Game update 1.4 Terror from Beyond hits BioWare’s MMO Star Wars The Old Republic today; and it just might be the most interesting thing to happen to the game since launch. 

Travel to the furthest reaches of the galaxy to come face-to-face with a horror never-before-seen in the Star Wars™ universe! EA, BioWare and LucasArts announced today that Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Game Update 1.4:Terror From Beyond is now available for download! Players will be able to get their hands on new high-level group content, new game features and new gear.

Okay, so obviously it’s not really Cthulhu here, but it’s close. Basically, BioWare took the base mythos and general idea from the classic horror monster and did what looks to be a great job adapting it to the Star Wars Universe. The result is something like the zombie novel Death Troopers (which is a great read by the way) that came out a few years back – refreshing, new, and very different for the property. 

As with most updates for the game, Terror from Beyond also brings a bunch of improvements to the core experience with it. Expect fixes to the Group Finder, new emotes and gear, and more.

· Operation: Terror From Beyond is an all-new unique group combat experience located on the remote world of Asation, where an ancient alien race known as the Gree are rumored to be guarding mysterious and dangerous archaic technologies. The Gree’s secrets have suddenly caught the interest of the Dread Masters, a treacherous group of Sith Lords who have discovered the key to unlocking the ancient Gree Hypergates. Once this portal is open, a passageway to an unknown place will unleash an unspeakable horror that will become a threat for the entire galaxy.
· Improved Group Finder will now allow players to join a group for an Operation or Flashpoint and then return to their previous location once the mission is completed.
· Legendary Dread Guard Gear will give players the chance to upgrade their characters’ effectiveness and appearance.
· Unified Colors for Companions will give players the chance to select an option that will match all of their companions’ gear to their chest piece for a more stylish look.
· New ‘Facial Expression’ Emotes are a new set of slash commands that will give players the chance to set their characters’ expressions to let the rest of the galaxy know how they feel!

For more info, or to grab the update for yourself, click here

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