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Some fresh DLC dropped off the tour bus today for the ‘mix your own’ rhythm game JAM Live Music Arcade. Get ready to rock with Rise Against, Jaytech, and Heatbox.

JAM was one of the nicer surprises on Xbox Live and the PSN this year, giving gamers the chance to dig up their plastic guitars one more time and jam away. JAM Live Music Arcade is basically a musical sandbox that allows players to mix and customize their tunes to their hearts content.

Originally shipping with 30+ licensed tracks, JAM has now expanded to include three brand new songs from some artists that you probably know.

The third single from Rise Against’s seminal 2008 “Appeal To Reason” album.

Featured on Above & Beyond’s ‘Anjunabeats Volume 9’ compilation released in 2011.

  • “I Love To Loop” by Heatbox – $.99/80 MS Points

A fun beatbox mix full of organic sounds all generated from a human voice produced from the ground up for JAM Live Music Arcade.

The title has garnered some very solid reviews and word of mouth since it dropped-

JAM Live Music Arcade is available now on the Playstation Network and Xbox Live.

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