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The original (tough as nails) Prince of Persia comes to the Wii Virtual Console this week. You know what else in the eShop this week? Insanity, my friend, complete insanity.

If you’ve never played PoP, and I mean the original PoP from years ago, then you might want to give this spike-pit-filled platformer a go. From what I remember about the game, controlling the Prince ain’t exactly what you’d call easy. It’s not that it’s poorly made, quite the opposite- your jumps have to be pixel perfect and combat is brutally hard. 

Of course, that was a long time ago. Maybe it’s not really all that hard and I just had a tough time with it because I was a kid. Maybe.

Balloon Pop Remix debuts this week as well and is sure to be a lighter, easier affair than that trap filled trip through the desert. The goal here is pretty easy- you draw a line across the screen to pop balloons that are floating by. Could be some nice relaxing fun.

Now I mentioned insanity didn’t I? Yup. Let me introduce you to Crazy Hunter. I’m not even gonna give you any info on it, just scroll down, click the link and reduce your sanity.



  • Balloon Pop Remix – $7.99 — Balloon Pop Remix takes the classicBalloon Pop® formula and turns it on its head. Use the stylus to draw lines on the puzzle board and all the balloons in the line’s path will pop, leading to mesmerizing chain reactions.
  • Heyawake by Nikoli – $7.99 — With the Nikoli puzzle series, you can enjoy high-quality “sudoku” puzzles, created by Nikoli, who gave the world-famous puzzle its name. The Nintendo 3DS allows for the realization of simple and easy to play operability.



Virtual Console

  • Prince of Persia – 800 points — The Grand Vizier Jaffar has thrown a young prince into the dungeon. Jaffar has forced the prince’s beloved to choose between marrying Jaffar or death. Take on the role of the prince and try to escape from the dungeon. Beware of obstacles such as unpredictable floors and ceilings, hidden spikes and walls of flames. Pass through invisible doors and walk through portals. Find bottles of magic potions, but partake of them wisely – they could increase your life or, just as easily, they might poison you. Survive all of the perilous levels, rescue the princess from the evil Jaffar and claim the royal residence before the hourglass is empty.

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