La-Mulana takes the world by storm

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La-Mulana awaits its next explorer

There was a time when La-Mulana was thoughtto be lost forever outside of Japanese shores, but thanks to EnjoyUp Games, the hardcore spelunking action can now be enjoyed by all with its recent worldwideWiiWare release.

Today, the inboxes here at Digitally Downloaded celebrated, as they were filled with the exciting news that La-Mulana is flying off its digital store shelves and is #1 in the UK, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, France, Spain and in the US.

Our reviewers are hard at work digging though the ancient ruins of La-Mulana and will be bringing you our full analysis very soon. Are you searching for lost treasures in La-Mulana too? Let us know what you think in the comments section below. 

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  • I just have to wonder how many copies you need to sell to be #1 on the WiiWare charts now… I suspect not many.

    Not to take anything away from this – I think it's brilliant that WiiWare is able to go out on a bang with a popular and in-demand game. Good on EnjoyUp.

  • Well, they are competing with Pokémon and other Nintendo established WiiWare titles, so even if it was 5 versus 4 copies…I think putting "Had the #1 selling digitally downloaded game on the Wii in America, etc., over the likes of My Pokémon Ranch." on your resumé would be awesome.

  • Well there is that 😛 I just wonder how profitable it is for EnjoyUp. Seems like a nice company, it would be nice to think it was a profitable venture for them.

    I guess what I'm saying here is I'm looking forward to your data report! 😀

  • LOL! I added the game to my regular weekly check list 2 weeks ago, but I think Nintendo actually has the release date wrong (something like September 30th maybe?). It's there, but no telling what will happen with it as it's gotta hit that 50K "Total Hours" first.

  • I've put about 10 hours in the game, so far. I love it! It's like playing the original Legend of Zelda. You have no idea what to do or no idea where to go. It's the best game I've played on Wii since Monster Hunter. It was a Great game to get me to blow the dust off of my Wii. Love this game.

  • And as we now know, if a game doesn't hit a certain threshold the developer never gets paid by Nintendo…sigh.
    Good on La Mulana's developers and Enjoy Up (and a real head-scratcher for why Nicalis just dropped the game short of the finish line) for seeing this through however. Its Steam release at least will surely bring in respectable returns!

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