Edge of Space edging closer to Greenlight

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Now in the top 50 games awaiting approval, the recently Kickstarted Edge of Space is getting ever closer to a listing on Steam.

Handyman Games’ side-scrolling sandbox title has been getting a pretty healthy dose of support from the Steam community since being added to Greenlight for consideration. You better believe the indie developer appreciates the love.

“From the onset, the success of Edge of Space has been the result of the heartfelt support from the indie community,” said Jake Crane, HandyMan Studios CEO. “The positive response on Greenlight is just a continuation of the community support we’ve received since the game’s inception. As a living game, we will continue to work with the community to evolve features, weapons and creatures to enhance the reactive experience, making game-play more interactive and fast-paced.” 

Edge of Space is currently in the top 50 games ranking, which is actually pretty good considering, but it needs to be in the top 10 by October 15th. That’s the cut off date for a game to be included in the next round of titles accepted into Steam’s Greenlight. 

Fans of sharks with frikin’ lasers– make it happen.

I don’t see any space sharks in this screen, but they’re there

Want to hear more about EoS? Click here for the official site. Want to vote it up on Steam Greenlight? Click here. Want some ice cream? …I can’t really do anything about that for you. Sorry.

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