Video review: London 2012 Olympics (PS3)

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Digitally Downloaded has started doing video reviews! We kick things off with London 2012, and you can expect one or two more per week.

What did we think of London 2012? It’s a good, fun game, but it’s not going to surprise anyone – if you’ve played an Olympics sports game before, you know what to expect.

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  • is that your first vid or just first on here.. anyway it looks awesome, great job man keep it up so i can keep reading

  • On the controls, does the PS3 version support the Move controls? When I was watching some of the events, I kept thinking, "I wonder if they used motion controls any?" and events like fencing or table tennis for the Move, and even swimming for the Kinect, I thought would have worked well.

    Also, do you know if the game has Michael Phelps in it? I think I googled it a few nights back, but was bombarded with lots of articles and got distracted either from my medicine and/or my ADHD.

  • I don't think Phelps is in the game. Didn't remember coming up against him in any events. However, you can customise the athletes in the game, so you could essentially create a Phelps.

    With the controls – it is motion control supported. I don't have a Move though 😛

  • Maybe you don't remember seeing Phelps, because he was moving so fast his name was a blur?

    As for the motion controls, I wonder if they help the game-play in some of the games, or if they feel more taped on.

  • For a game like this I would expect the motion controls would help – especially the obvious sports like archery and shooting.

    There's also 3D if you have one of those TVs for the PS3 game. It's a pretty full-featured package really.

  • Nice job on the video mate. I'm looking forward to the next one. I'm assuming that the videos won't completely take over from the written reviews but you did a really nice job with that one.

  • Hi Andrew,


    I think I'm only going to have the time to do one or two videos a week – they take far longer to produce than a written review 🙂

    Worth it though, I rather enjoyed making that one.

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