Video review: Legasista (PS3)

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Legasista is basically what you would expect from a game published by NIS America – it’s a chunky, time-draining game with a compelling character customisation system and some simple but very charming visuals.

For JRPG fans, it’s essential stuff. For almost everyone else… perhaps not so. Unless you’re very familiar with the genre, Legasista can be a very confusing game indeed.

Enjoy the video review!

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  • It amazes me how little people know about this game… it's awesome, and I would have thought I'd hear more chatter about it amongst the JRPG fans.

    It's awesome! Go buy it! 😀

  • Video Reviews! Dude, awesome job with the review!

    Somehow, I'd only heard of this a few weeks ago, but this looks really fun. I'm still hard at Rainbow Moon, but when I finish it, I'll probably give this a go. 🙂

  • Is it strange that I find the girls in this art style or creepy lol.. for some reason they just look beautiful.

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