Summer of Arcade draws to a close on Xbox Live

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Well friends, it’s the last week of Summer… of Arcade. And taking the yearly promo out in style is DUST: An Elysian Tail, which is getting some pretty nice word of mouth. There’s a lot more than that this week though, so get to clicking.

Quite a bit of DLC for Saints Row: The Third is on sale, along with some pretty good to great Square/Enix stuff. Not only is Just Cause 2 DLC on sale, but so is the Missing Link from Deus EX: Human Revolution- if you passed that one up the first time around, it’s half off now.

And in that Square/Enix vein, Quantum Conundrum: The Desmond Debacle has posted as well. I don’t know a ton about QC (never played it), but I know there’s a solid fanbase and the game’s gotten some nice reviews, so an expansion has to be a welcome sight for followers.

Getting back to the headliner of the week, in a Summer of Arcade that was packed with not a ton of great Arcade titles (though I liked Tony Hawk a bunch), Dust: An Elysian Tail is a very nice addition to Xbox Live’s stable. The action game currently ranks on Metacritic with an overall score of 83 and is absolutely beautiful- definitely one to watch.




  • Netflix- Just for Kids (update your existing Netflix app to access) 

Deals of the Week (Gold accounts only)

Special Sales – Square/Enix

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