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Sega unveiled their lineup of games for the annual PAX Prime show today. By all accounts it should be a pretty strong showing for the publisher with new Sonic titles, The Cave, and Aliens leading the way.

There’ll be nine playable titles on the show floor in all (one of which is a mystery game), with the recently announced Sonic Adventure 2 HD making it’s first appearance. Phantasy Star Online 2 making it’s first appearance too, but for for North american audiences. PSO2 has already launched in Japan and gathered an impressive 730,000 players in less than a month.

It wasn’t too long ago that Sega was in a bit of a rut, have to hand it to them- this is a good looking lineup of games:

·         Aliens: Colonial Marines™
·         The Cave™
·         Hell Yeah!™- Wrath of the Dead Rabbit
·         Jet Set Radio™
·         NiGHTS into dreams… ™
·         Phantasy Star Online 2™
·         Sonic Adventure™ 2
·         Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed™
·         Unannounced digital title

Sega will be at booth’s 242 and 252 for the show which runs in Seattle from August 31st through September 2nd. Let the speculation about the ‘Unannounced digital title’ begin!

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