Mutant Blobs get Steam-ed today

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PSN hit, Mutant Blobs Attack, is now officially oozing all over the PC- courtesy of Drink Box Studios.

Mutant Blobs Attack was one of the (and still is) stand out games from the Playstation Vita launch. Now that the game’s on Steam, it’s been loaded up with some new features and a lower price. The critically acclaimed title is on sale for it’s inaugural week on the download service and is priced at a meager $7.19 USD (10% off). 

The Steam for PC version of Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack features:

  • Support for Steam Achievements, Steam Cloud Saves and Steam Leaderboards
  • Updated mini-game bonus levels crafted specifically for PC
  • Support for Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for Windows and/or Keyboard-and-mouse controls
  • New ultra-glorious high resolution art
  • A wide range of environments: everything from a frat house to a metropolis  
  • Growth throughout levels that provides players with a constantly changing perspective on the in-game world
  • Challenging puzzles mixed into the mayhem 
  • New hidden references and bad jokes

All the upgrades are nice and all, but it’s the bad jokes that make the game for me. If it sounds equally irresistible to you too, you can grab it here on Steam. 

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