Mass Effect 3 Leviathan launching today

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Commander Shepard heads to the deepest, darkest depths of the galaxy to uncover a mysterious new intelligence in the latest DLC for Mass Effect 3.

The fight to save the galaxy continues! As unexplainable events begin to unfold, Commander Shepard and crew must travel to unexplored locations in order to piece together a shocking theory that could turn the tides of the war against the Reapers. Available for download today, Mass Effect™ 3: Leviathan is a new piece of single player DLC which expands upon the events of Mass Effect™ 3 by adding a new chapter to Shepard’s legacy, emotionally engaging characters and powerful weapons and upgrades.

In addition to the new story missions, Leviathan adds a pair of new weapons with the AT-12 Raider Shotgun and the M-55 Argus Assault Rifle. 

Mass Effect 3: Leviathan is on sale now on Xbox Live (800mspts), the PSN, and Origin (both $9.99)

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  • I know a lot of people are questioning adding story dlc to a game that has no apparent follow-ups where the ending (regardless of what you thought of it) is already known. That said, I would like to give it a go at some point, but I tend to replay the Mass Effect and Dragon Age games more than most titles.

  • Personally I just love to see single player DLC. Multiplayer seems to dominate the expansion landscape at the moment, but I remember back in the 90s there were story-based expansion packs all the time- even for FPS'!
    So even though I'm not an ME fan, I'm hoping for more like this. The more the merrier

  • I am reluctant to pay for this DLC. I loved ME3 but after replaying the endings recently to see the added content im not sure if I want to get back into it plus have to pay for it..

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