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Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Xbox Live update gets Wreckateered

Week 2 of Summer of Arcade 2012 delivers the Kinect-powered, castle demolishing, Wreckateer to the download service. 

Wreckateer is maybe the only SoA title for this year that I'm just a wee bit iffy on. It's a Kinect game, which means that you have to get up and 'be the controller'- which in this case means that you have to fly through the air and smack into castle walls to blow them up. I could be wrong, but it does't sound like there's a terribly huge amount of play there to hold anyone's attention for all that long.

If you're not into getting Kinected this week, there's also Prototype 2 as the open world slice 'em up makes it's debut on Games on Demand. P2 is a really fun time and is far and away better than the first entry in the series (which I also loved to pieces BTW). Great fun if you like swearing, slicing dudes in half, and eating people to wear their skin- and who doesn't?!?

PES '13 also makes it's demo debut this week. The bite sized portion of the final game gives players a feel for the improvements Konami has brought to the title. The company has worked on customization features and individual player animations and behaviors to provide a way more realistic experience than ever before. 

So there you go- something for sports fans, something for cannibalistic cursers, and something for... people who want to be... projectiles. (?)



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The Xbox Live update gets Wreckateered
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