Jet Set Radio headed to mobile

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Sega’s Dreamcast taggin’ classic will be coming to handsets right along with consoles and PC when the HD remake drops later this Summer.

Jet Set Radio will be arriving on both Android and iOS platforms (including the iPad) and is set to include Retina support and Open Feint achievements (no Game Center?). It’s also going to have a very cool new feature that’s an exclusive to the mobile platform- you can take shots with your phone’s (or, again, iPad’s) camera and upload your shot to the game to serve as a unique graffiti tag.

Pretty neat stuff if you’re a big fan of Jet Set. Look for Jet Set Radio HD on Xbox 360, PS3, PSVita, PC, and (Android and iOS) mobile devices later this Summer.

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  • I'm impressed they got it running, though it does make sense since there are a quite a few Dreamcast and PS2 ports on iOS. If the Vita version is a separate purchase from the PS3 one, I might well end up with three versions of the same game.

  • I never owned a Dreamcast, but I'm sure I would have loved it, so I never got to play first-party Sega's later titles besides the ones they have ported to other platforms thus far. Jet Set Radio was one I always wanted to play, though I doubt I would get it on something with no buttons. (I'm sorry for using that cliche excuse!)

  • I don't think that's a cliche at all. I'm actually very much so looking forward to Jet Set Radio making its way onto Vita, and glad to see it come to iOS, as well, but I don't prefer games of this ilk without traditional controls either. I like my iOS game's to be custom fitted for the technology available on the platforms (e.g. tilt controlled racers, SRPGs, etc.)

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