The first single player expansion for batman: Arkham City went up on XBL this week. Not into clowns? There’s also a nice sale on Popcap’s catalog and some vintage Sega classics
Make that overpriced Sega classics. Or maybe not, depending on how much you love the absolute classics of their respective genres. Both Streets of Rage and Golden Axe are now available (although I have to admit, I thought they were available ages ago) for 800mspts. It really needs to be noted here that these are triple packs of games. By that I mean that you get the first three games of both series’ in each download. From a lot of the listings I’ve seen posted around, it sounds like not everybody realizes that. It’s still not a great price at 800 points, but it’s not terrible either.

Harley Quinn’s Revenge also posted this week. This single player expansion to the excellent Arkham City puts you in the shoes of both the Dark Knight and (Tim Drake) Robin. I’ve heard some very mixed impressions of the add-on and that’s very disappointing as the base game is so good, I had just assumed that developer Rocksteady would put just as much effort in the downloadable epilog. Being a massive Batman fan, I still might have to give this one a go, but my enthusiasm is seriously tempered at present.

Those are the biggest stories this week, but there is also a very worthwhile sale on Popcap’s offerings that you might want to check out (Peggle!) and don’t forget about the Rebellion pack for Mass Effect 3! It adds on a bunch ore multiplayer content, and hey- it’s free.


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