The Trial of the Xbox Live update

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Trials Evolution is officially available this week for download. There isn’t too much else other than some nice discounts on LEGO games but really, would it matter?

After all, Trials HD (released last year) was a runaway hit for the Arcade so it’s not too surprising that there’s nothing else major dropping this week. You probably wouldn’t play it anyway…

If however, you don’t dig the addictive mix of motocross and tricky courses that Trials offers there are other things to download. In one of the nicer sale events in a little while on Live, a decent number of LEGO titles are up for sale. Personally, I’ll probably be dl-ing LEGO Batman since I never finished that one and I’d like to get ready for DC Superheroes later this year.

But maybe that’s just me. I’m like that.


  • Trials Evolution – 1200mspts — It’s a brand new outdoor setting for the game that absorbed many fans with it’s realistic, physics based gameplay. And just to take up more of your time- now you can make your own tracks, customize your rider, bike and more.


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  • Yeah, I was pretty underwhelmed by this week's stuff.  I've been hearing good things about trials, but two things I saw this week actually sort of worried me – and was going to lead  to an article on my blog soon – but I think I'll touch on it here.  The discounted price for say, LEGO Star Wars complete saga is still more than buying the physical disc off of say Amazon new, let alone getting it used somewhere else.

    This week PSN made NHL 12 available for download for $59.95 – but you can buy it new off of amazon for $43.49 as I my writing this. 

    It sort of gets at the heart of one of my concerns about the future of digital-only game availability.  It seems like purchases of digital titles should be a fair amount cheaper than buying the physical disc – it's certainly cheaper for the publishers – but that savings is not always showing up for the consumers.  Sometimes it does – and Steam has often been an excellent example of this, but I sometimes find myself wondering if publishers feel the impulse buy/convenience of downloading online is all they 'owe' customers in this format?  Anywho – sorry, I know it's a slightly odd topic to this particular post, but it is something I've been thinking about since Tuesday night. 🙂

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